The 10 most expensive Brazilian signings in history

The 10 most expensive Brazilian signings in history


Real Madrid have recently announced the signing of the Brazilian young talent Vinicius Junior for an amount of €46M. It’s a quite risky decision because the Brazilian player is only 17 years old and Los Blancos have payed a huge amount of money for his services. Let’s remember who have been the 10 most expensive Brazilian signings in history.

10) Pato: Milan paid to Internacional an amount of €22M in 2007 for the sining of the striker, but he failed in his profesional career, playing currently at China.

9) Robinho: Robinho is another signing that didn’t show the level expected. The ‘new Pele’ signed for Real Madrid in 2005 where he only played three seasons. Los Blancos paid €25M and three years later they sold him to Manchester City.

8) Gabigol: He signed with Inter Milan to become the new star of the Italian side. In the first year of the Brazilian striker at Europe, he has not played his best season and it looks like the €25M Inter paid to Santos may be a fairly a high figure.

7) Bernard: In 2013, Shakhtar Donetsk wanted to sign the young jewel talent from Atlético Mineiro, an after a few season we finally proved that the €25M they paid for his services it’s a high figure.

6): Denilson: In 1998, Betis signed Denilson for an amount of €31.5M. He was the most expensive signing in that years and one the worst sinings in Betis 109 history.

5): Oscar: Chelsea invested on 2012 an important amount of €32M for a player who was not recognize at Europe and that his level was not the one expected. Oscar is currently playing at China with a salary that few players have.

4): Gabriel Jesus: The recent player of Manchester City has played a good season in his first year at Europe despite his injuries. He arrived to Manchester from Palmeiras for an amount of €32M.

3) Lucas Moura: It looks like this can be the last season of Lucas Moura at PSG. The Brazilian wing signed with the French team for an amount of €40M from Sao Paulo and in his third season at Paris he has not shown the high level where he can arrive.

2) Vinicius Junior: Real Madrid recent signing, Vinicius Junior, is one of the best young players of the world, and despite he doesn’t have any experience as a professional, many people say that he can become in a few years in one of the best players in the world. He signed for Los Blancos for an amount of €46M.

1) Neymar: Barcelona paid Santos a figure close to the €83M in 2013. The Brazilian wing is currently one of the best players in the world and nowadays the captain of Brazil national team. He is the most expensive Brazilian player in history.