Arbeloa defends Mourinho: ‘Real Madrid players are very selfish’

Arbeloa defends Mourinho: ‘Real Madrid players are very selfish’


“Real Madrid players are very selfish” and “have let Jose Mourinho down” according to Alvaro Arbeloa, who gave an interview to Spanish television channel La Sexta during the Confederations Cup preparation.

“I will always defend Mourinho because he’s given everything for this club, and only to be slapped. If anyone doen’t see it that way, he is being unfair”, Arbeloa said.

The Spanish right-back reprimanded some of his team mates: “Mourinho is leaving feeling disenchanted, especially with the players. A lot of us are very selfish and only look after ourselves”.

“Some people don’t like managers like Mourinho, a manager who doesn’t let you relax. I like coaches like Mourinho, I like people who tells things to the face.”

“We have a good group of players and we all have a good relationship but perhaps we lacked maturity sometimes. Mourinho has won wherever he has gone and it is strange that here, having the best squad he has ever had, is where he has won the least”, he added.

Arbeloa admitted he doesn’t think Mourinho will return to Real Madrid in the future and was also critical with his own season: “My performance hasn’t been the best. It’s been my worst season here. It has been very complicated both at professional and personal levels”.

The Spanish defender claimed his sending off against Galatasaray in the quarterfinals of the Champions League reflected that situatoin: “My behaviour towards the referee was improper and was a reflection of my own nervousness and helplessness”.