Bale: “I Hope the Best of Me it’s Still to Come”

Bale: “I Hope the Best of Me it’s Still to Come”


Gareth Bale is focusing all the criticism around Real Madrid after these three games of La liga. The team hasn’t started well the championship with two draws in a row and a lack of goals at home. Benzema is now injured and Cristiano Ronaldo is banned, so the responsibility is on Gareth Bale. The Welshman spoke in an interview in the newspaper El País about this feelings in Spain and his problems with the injuries.

Bale admitted that he’s played with pain and perhaps he made a mistake by coming back earlier than expected after his injuries: “For one side is easy to say now that I should have rested more. But when you are injured for three months and you see your team mates playing, you just want to come back and that’s what I did. I had to take a lot of painkillers to play. And yes, I now think that I should have taken more time to recover myself and come back playing much better, being able to do all the things that I’m not able to do it with pain in the ankle”, Bale admitted.

His injury problems are the main focus of the interview, but Bale is still confident about his performances: “I hope the best is still to come. There were great moments, and some others not that great”, the Welshman said. The player accepts the critics: “All are opinions. They have to sell newspapers somehow and they have to write about something… So I’m used to people writing good and bad things… It doesn’t bother me too much”.

The journalist asked Bale if he is a footballer made of glass, very fragile: “In football there is a lot of passion and everybody has their opinions. An injury is something very frustrating when you’re a professional athlete. Of course not playing has been very complicated, but I had a good preseason and I’m training hard to help the team winning more titles”.

Bale also spoke about the differences between Spanish and British football: “I think British football is quicker and more physical. In Spain, football is more technical and tactical”, he said.

The former Tottenham Hotspur player is happy living in Madrid, “a big beautiful city, with a lot of culture. The weather is very good”. Besides, he admitted that he’s flaw is being “lazy”.