Bale Will Miss the Champions League Semi-finals

Bale Will Miss the Champions League Semi-finals


Bad news for Gareth Bale and Real Madrid. The Welshman will miss the next three weeks of competitions, so he cannot be fit for the Champions League semi-finals against Atlético Madrid, who will take place on the 2nd and 10th of May.

According to the statement released by Real Madrid, “the player has been diagnosed with a grade 2 injury in his left calf”. This means that he cannot play in the next three weeks, so he can reappear only at the end of the season, for the last games of La Liga and, hopefully, the Champions League final.

Bale got injured again in the first half of El Clásico. The former Tottenham player had problems in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals against Bayern Munich and he missed the second half due to his problem in his ankle. It seemed that Zidane didn’t want to risk, but he surprised everybody by putting Bale in the line-up in El Clásico, obviously a mistake, and now the Welshman cannot be fit for the most important part of the season.

Bale is having an endless problem with the injuries. The ankle, the calf, harmstring, knee injury… the list is very long and the consequence is a poor performance in the second part of the season. Bale has only played 19 games in La Liga this season, six less than Cristiano Ronaldo, for instance.

Despite he was a very important player at the beginning of the season, the injuries have affected his way of playing, and his numbers are very poor. For instance, he has scored only 7 goals in La Liga, whereas last season he found 19 times the net in this competition.

Now that a lot of names are coming up to be the new ‘Galáctico’ of the team, perhaps Florentino Pérez should think if Bale is the right player for Los Blancos. His situation is similar to the one lived by Arjen Robben several years ago. A brilliant player with problems with the injuries. He ended up leaving the club. Will this happen with Bale?