Barcelona denounced over Cristiano Ronaldo insults

Barcelona denounced over Cristiano Ronaldo insults


The Spanish Football League (LFP) has filed a complaint to the Anti-Violence Commission over chants by Barcelona fans Los Azulgranas’ 5-0 victory over Levante last weekend.

The group known as Almogavers shouted “Cristiano Ronaldo is a drunk” several times during the game, according to the league officials.

LFP’s statement denounced the following: “Shouting chants inside the stadium, during the match, in the 65th minute and from the hosts’ fan section on the south side first floor, by a group of around 200 people, identified with scarves and flags as members of the group known as Almogavers.”

“They started the following chant: ‘Cristiano is a drunk, Cristiano is a drunk’, in a reference to Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, repeatedly and sang exclusively by the previously mentioned group, not being joined by the rest of the crowd at the stadium,” the statement concluded.

After a fight between Atletico de Madrid and Deportivo de La Coruna fans that ended in a Galician fan being murdered last November, the league has increased its pressure on violent behaviour in the stadiums.

A few weeks ago the LFP denounced Valencia fans for calling Sevilla’s midfielder Ever Banega a “drunk”, which many claim is like calling Fabio Coentrao a smoker. In that case, the Anti-Violence committee resolved they were unable to punish those insults since the individuals had not been identified.

Banega was fined by Valencia 6.000 euros when he was playing there for partying too hard and drinking too much. In Ronaldo’s case, Barcelona’s fans insults were motivated by the Portuguese’s birthday party that caused much controversy in Spain during last week. Yet, the Portuguese didn’t get drunk and players invited explained they didn’t even drink alcohol.