Barcelona and Real Madrid “fight” for a Brazilian player

Barcelona and Real Madrid “fight” for a Brazilian player


Real Madrid and Barcelona want to sign a young Brazilian rising star for next year. Real Madrid continue their search for young talents and according to Marca, now they are focused in Augusto Galván. He is only seventeen years old and after his great performance in this season, many European teams are interested in him. Los Blancos want to sign him and they have taken the lead in the signing of this player respect to Barcelona, who also are interested in the Brazilian young player services.

The two biggest teams of La Liga Santander do not cease in it’s efforts to sign young talents since the price by the stars has become exorbitant in the recent years. With these type of signings the big teams runs a lower risk if finally the performance is nor the one expected.

With the TAS reduction, Real Madrid have even more possibilities to sign Augusto Galván for t. The only drawback that has this signing is the player’s age. He is still not 18 and until he does not turn 18 (next March) he will not be able to travel to Spain.

This is just another example of the dispute Real Madrid and Barcelona have with young rising stars with great future. These type of interests have already happened with Marco Asensio, who shined with Mallorca in Second Division and after his great season both teams wanted to sign him. Finally Asensio is in Real Madrid having several minutes, and growing as a player. Another case is Sergio Díaz, the Paraguayan Castilla’s is player is currently at Castilla since last summer.

Augusto Galván’s contract with Sao Paulo finishes next December 31 which would facilitate the arrival to Real Madrid. It’s good to sign young players because the cost it’s much lower and they can grow in the lower Real Madrid categories.