Carlo Ancelotti discontent with Real Madrid display

Carlo Ancelotti discontent with Real Madrid display


Real Madrid’s manager Carlo Ancelotti is unhappy with his team’s performance in the controversial 1-2 win at Elche. The Italian manager claimed they will not beat Atletico Madrid in next Saturday’s derbi if they play like that.

Los Blancos beat Elche thanks to a controversial penalty in stoppage time. Madrid press agrees today that the penalty was unfair and the victory was undeserved.

“It’s difficult to talk about refereeing decisions. I don’t like to, because the position of the bench isn’t good,” Ancelotti stated. “I’ve asked Pepe about it and he told me that it was a clear penalty,” he added.

Ancelotti confessed he was unhappy with his side’s display. “I am not happy. We need to play differently. We suffered a lot, particularly during the closing minutes of the game. Playing this way, we are not going to win the derby against Atletico,” Ancelotti told the press.

“We need to play better, with more intensity and more personality. We didn’t have control of the game in the second half. The only important thing is that we won but that’s not enough. We need to improve,” Madrid’s boss affirmed.

Ancelotti on Pique’s tweet

At the end of the match, Barcelona’s defender Gerard Pique sent a message to Real Madrid players and fans via Twitter. “Watching a comedy on Canal+, they’re always good at this time of night!”, he tweeted.

Ancelotti responded saying that “Pique has to think more about playing than talking. He’s better on the pitch than off it”.

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