Carlo Ancelotti: We don’t think we have reached the final yet

Carlo Ancelotti: We don’t think we have reached the final yet


Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has said his side is taking nothing for granted and no one thinks they have reached the final of the Champions League yet.

Los Blancos take on Bayern Munich this evening holding a 1-0 first leg lead, but will be expecting the current holders to attack from the off as they attempt to overturn the tie. Pep Guardiola this week suggested the Madrid press believe Los Blancos have already reached the final, but Ancelotti told journalists at his press conference the team was focused.

“I don’t think anyone is so superficial as to think that we have already won. Tomorrow’s game is very tough. We’re playing a great team and we have a small advantage from the first leg, but we have to enjoy it. We’re not stupid enough to think we’ve already won,” he said.

He also laughed off Karl Heinz Rummenigge’s comments that Munich would be hell for the Madrid players, with even the trees burning. “We’re focusing on winning the match and what’s happening elsewhere is unimportant. Rummenigge said that trees will burn and it’s raining. Everything can change very quickly,” Ancelotti quipped.

The Italian also said he wouldn’t be changing his tactics compared to how Madrid played in the first leg, and argued the mental side of the game is more important at this stage.

“I don’t think I’ll change much tactically compared to the first-leg game. Tactics are not the most important aspect, the mental side is and the desire we have to reach the final. In the first leg we were very cagey at first and starting like that would be very dangerous. The most important thing is that we have to work together in this type of game. The strikers defend and the defenders attack,” he commented.