Casemiro: It’s hard to be out and not help my team-mates

Casemiro: It’s hard to be out and not help my team-mates


Casemiro is still out of the team due to a fracture in the fibula, a “complicated injury”, as the midfielder said. The supporters are already missing him because the Brazilian is a key player for Zinedine Zidane, who has to replace him with Toni Kroos or Mateo Kovacic, who are not stoppers.

The midfielder spoke with Real Madrid media about how he feels after being out of the team for so many days: “When I’m not in the pitch and I can’t help because of an injury, of course I’m angry because I want to help my team-mates and make efforts for the team. It’s quite hard being out and can’t help. I know my colleagues want me to be fully recovered and I’m working for this very smoothly, so I can come back stronger”.

With Casemiro out of the team, Los Blancos couldn’t win the last games and Real Madrid are now second in the table: “I’m important like every other player, but without my team-mates I wouldn’t be important. We have to value all the players. We know we are fine, in the top part of the table and we have to value it. Feelings are the best possibles. We are leaders [Atlético are actually top of the table] and we’re fine in the Champions League with four points. We shouldn’t forget that this squad won the Champions League. I always tell the people to believe on us because we won the Champions League and it’s a very strong squad. I’m sure we won’t fail”, Casemiro said to the media.

Casemiro is still recovering from a fracture in the fibula suffered against Espanyol: “The tackle was very strong but I have already forgotten this. I know we have to go slowly, it’s a complicated injury, but I’m working hard to come back as soon as possible”. Casemiro will still miss some more games.

This time, the midfielder cannot attend the call of his national team, Brazil: “For me, playing with Brazil or with Real Madrid, is a pride. Every game I attend I want to play. It’s a dream playing with my country and with Real Madrid. I try to enjoy every day this moment”, Casemiro finished.