Cassano: My biggest mistake was the year and a half in Real...

Cassano: My biggest mistake was the year and a half in Real Madrid


Antonio Cassano signed with Real Madrid in the season 2005-2006 from Roma for an amount of €5.5M, and he will be remembered as one of the most frustrated signings in Real Madrid history. He played two seasons at Madrid, scoring only two goals in La Liga and he only played 690 minutes in two years in the regular season. Despite arriving Madrid at the of of 24, the best moment of his career, the former AS Roma had a very poor performance in the two seasons, highlighting his bad behavior. Nowadays, the Italian attacker don’t play in any team, and he is 34 years old, so maybe his retirement from football may come soon.

The Italian player spoke in the  ‘Corriere dello Sport’ and he said the reasons why he has not succeeded in his career:”My biggest mistake was the year and a half at Real Madrid. At that time I liked to have no rules and I did not have a good behavior at Madrid”, the Transalpine striker said.

When he was playing for Roma he had a very good relationship with Francesco Totti:” If I had heard only 10% of all the positive advise Totti gave me,  my career would have been different. He remembered me that it’s better to earn less money rather go somewhere else in the world and not be 100% sure. Only one year and a half later I left Madrid. If I had listened to Totti I would probably have stayed at Rome for 10 or 15 years”, Casssano affirmed.

When he left Real Madrid, the Italian player tried to recover his best level at Sampdoria, Milan, Inter Milan and Parma, but he failed in all the teams. Antonio Cassano had an incredible technique and he could have been an Italian star as Totti, Del Piero, Maldini etc, but his behavior prevented it.