Cristiano Ronaldo: I Must Rest more Minutes

Cristiano Ronaldo: I Must Rest more Minutes


It has been a very good year for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star won the Champions League and the Euro Cup with Portugal and he finished the year winning his fourth Golden Ball. As expected, the Portuguese striker was awarded the 2016 edition of the Golden Ball because of his amazing year.

After receiving the Golden Ball, Cristiano did an interview with France Football to commemorate his fourth award. Cristiano did not talk only about his great year, he also made and extremely important announcement for the next years and that will also affect Real Madrid. The Portuguese star said that he must play less minutes if he wants to continue showing his high level.

Cristiano affirmed that with the pass of the years all the players lose conditions:” With the pass of the years, all human being lose things, but they gain others. I am always looking for a way to be physically fit and I try to show it on all the games. I think this, not only for this season also for the following ones. A great example is the management of games. I can’t play at the same level all the games as I usually did in the last years. We must be clever, I need to rest more minutes than before. This is not a sprint, is a marathon. I’m 31 years old and the recovery of the matches are not the same, they are a bit slower”, Cristiano said about the minutes management.

Cristiano Ronaldo has played almost all the games in the last years, even those that were unnecessary. Now the Portuguese star has confessed that he must rest more in order to maintain his physical strength. The Portuguese star continues believing that his body can stand until he is 40 years old: “Why not? It is an idea to consider. I am ready and I accept that the things might change. It’s not a problem”, Cristiano said about playing until he is 40 years old.