Cristiano’s new role in the squad

Cristiano’s new role in the squad


Real madrid are currently leading La Liga’s table and they continue alive in Champios League. The team managed by Zidane is going to face the end of the season with their two goals intact. Los Blancos have a complete squad, and many important players are not shining as other years. Cristiano Ronaldo is playing one of his worst seasons since his signing with Real Madrid and nowadays he is having a new role in the squad.

The Portuguese striker has scored 26 goals in 34 games, which is his worst average, if we except his first year at Madrid, 2009-2010, where he scored 33 goals. In the rest of the seasons, the Portuguese star has always reached the barrier of the 50 goals in all the competitions. He still has time to improve his statistics, but it’s true that his scoring records have fallen a little bit this year.

However, Real Madrid have not noticed too much that Cristiano’s average has fallen because they are favorites to win the league and they still have options to win the Champions League for second time in two years. Now it must be Cristiano’s moment, who has a new role in this season. He is rotating more than ever and  he also has played many times as a striker, instead that in the left wing.

When he plays as a striker, the opponent full backs are pending of him and he is having less chances to score goal. We must say that Cristiano Ronaldo is changing his way of playing because we are watching him being decisive with assists, like the one he gave to Karim Benzema in the last match of the regular season against Athletic Club at San Mamés. He adds 10 assists (La Liga ad Champions League) having a vey important contributions in Los Blancso attack, despite he is not having his best season in the facet scorer.


  1. Mike, you are insane. Do you know who you are referring to? The current best footballer in the planet. When we need him the most, he will be save us. Give him a chance.