Florentino Pérez has a problem with the goalkeeper

Florentino Pérez has a problem with the goalkeeper


The season is about to finish and the Real Madrid board has to be ready for the summer transfer window. One of the names that has been brought up in the last three years is David de Gea. This year there will be no difference.

The Spanish goalkeeper was about to be signed by Real Madrid last September but the fax with the transfer information from Manchester arrived late and the transfer window was already closed.

According to some sources, the president Florentino Pérez has already an agreement with the goalkeeper and will try to sign him again this summer. Florentino’s idea clashes with Zidane’s intentions to keep Keylor Navas in the squad.

The Costa Rican born has been one of the key men for Los Blancos this season. He has shown his skills this season and he’s one of the most loved players for the supporters.

If Florentino finally brings De Gea, Los Blancos will have a problem with the goalie. Zidane wants Keylor Navas and Kiko Casilla to stay but De Gea could change everything.


  1. Problem is Real Madrid simply can not afford David de Gea.

    The pathetic beneath value 30 million is no longer a thing, with a bring new contract and top form, Madrid wil have to pay fair value – between £80-100m

  2. Comment: real must work very hard and be careful in massive deffence with atleti, if not they will go trophyless this season. Barca cannever afford to loose to granada. Real must remember what die hard atleti did to barca n bayan, they are really dangerous. Real must come all out n fight hardest battle to win.

  3. Is Florentino perez actually normal, I ponder every time when I hear a report like this, he’s lobbying for bale to win the ballon d’or ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo on gratis cause I don’t believe bale deserves to win a ballon d’or this season. I believe this is insanity, his behavior will definitely create a rift with the team, how is he expecting the coaches to succeed if he continues to behave foolishly, I just don’t get it, is de gea better than navas, why did he buy this guy in the first place? I believe navaz is better than de gea.

  4. Navas is my best for now pls leave guy alone madrid fan’s love navas leave him at the his happy at Madrid yes he is pls leave Navas will madridmo love him.#hala #Madrid

  5. Comment:i think we should leave keynor navas is a good keeper and David de gee is also a good keeper we can use navas in the la liga and use de gee in the champions league

  6. If Real Madrid really want to win all next season, then I shall say great, bring De Gea or Courtois on board. Buying De Gea doesn’t mean Navas got to leave the club. In my opinion, if the possibility is favorable, then let’s jump on it having in mind the age factor…

  7. Florentino Perez is a dumbass. Navas is waaaaay better keeper than De Gea in every technical aspect. The only thing against him: he’s latino and Pérez is a racist.