Gareth Bale performance in the season 2016-2017

Gareth Bale performance in the season 2016-2017


Gareth Bale played his worst season at Real Madrid after four years in the club. The Welshman started great after a superb performance in the Euro 2016 in France, but the injuries prevented him to show a great level in La Liga and the Champions League. For this reason, we cannot give a great grade to the former Tottenham Hotspur player.

Actually, Bale’s role in the team was very controversial in the last weeks of the season. Most of the supporters asked Zidane to leave Bale on the bench and give more opportunities to Isco, who shone in the key games of the season. Finally, Bale’s injury allowed the manager to change the formation and the team was able to win both La Liga and the Champions League.

As we said, Bale started the season great, scoring two goals against Real Sociedad. However, he was losing importance in the team and last season he was only able to score 7 goals in the whole season. Obviously, the injuries were his main problem. He suffered several ankle problems, the last one at El Clásico, where he had to be substituted only after a few minutes on the pitch. Due to these problems, he missed the Champions League final at his hometown, Cardiff, where he was only able to play the last minutes.

His participation in the Champions League wasn’t great at all. He only scored two goals against Legia Warsaw in the group stage and he missed the important fixtures in the quarter-finals and the semi-finals. Real Madrid supporters expect much more from the Welshman, who lead the team in his first season to win the 10th Champions League against Atlético Madrid.

During the summer, there were many rumours about Bale’s future. The winger said he doesn’t want to leave Madrid, but the possibility of Mbappé’s arrival puts him on the selling list. Will Bale improve his performance in this new season?


  1. Bale won’t be sold!!!
    Please stop the Mbappe hype!!!

    Perez will never sell him!!!
    Posting subjects about Real Madrid, but not having the knowledge of Bale his stature within the club is ridiculous.

    Some people were crazy about Jese and then Isco and now Marcos Asensio, but Bale has been always the winner or first team starter.

    As long as Bale helps the team with goals and assists, he will be there in Madrid for a long while.
    Benzema has also been the subject, wether he should hve been sold.

    The so called fans don’t understand that those players have a personal relation with Perez, and the fact alone that Bale helping and lead Madrid to the La Decima is the reason that he won’t be sold that easily.