Harry Kane should consider Real Madrid – Teddy Sheringham

Harry Kane should consider Real Madrid – Teddy Sheringham


Former Spurs striker Teddy Sheringham says current star Harry Kane should consider a move to Real Madrid or Manchester United before the opportunity to do so goes.

The 22-year-old has netted 22 goals in his past 26 games and following a sensational season last year has become one of Europe’s hottest properties.

With the likes of Real and United expected to be on the lookout for new firepower in the summer, Sheringham, who left White Hart Lane for Old Trafford in his playing days, says Kane should think of doing the same before it is too late.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he stated: “I’m sure there are top clubs looking at him and they’d be prepared to break the bank just because of the way he plays and the way he wants to score goals every time he gets the ball. Should he move right now? I don’t know. Timing’s a funny thing in football because you have to take the opportunity when it arises.”

He added: “If you don’t, another striker might go to United or Real Madrid or whoever we’re talking about and you won’t get the chance again for another four or five years. You’ve only got a period of about 12 years in professional football and when these things come along you have to take tough decisions.”


  1. Fuck up sheringham let harry deceide where he wants go u have no right coming on commenting on where he should go none your buisness

    • yesterday the tosspot was saying he should go to manure lol….what an idiot teddy is. now he’s saying he should join a league with only 3 teams in it – think he’s going senile.

  2. FFS Teddy shut up and go away. I don’t know what Spurs ever did to you to deserve this nonsense you spouted about Kane should join manure? Did you even watch the match yesterday because if you did you might have enough intelligence to realise that Harry deserves to be in a successful team with Champions league football rather than yesterdays news on the way down, and managed by a dinosaur. Kane will only get better playing in the PL which offers the toughest test in world football. La Liga is just 3 teams strong.

    • The three team league has 3 teams in Champions League quarter final and another 3 teams in the UEL last 8. Wonder where the English teams are.

      • That’s obviously why Sky pay massive money and the whole world watches with baited breath every time the Spanish league play – oh sorry, I messed up, it was the EPL I was describing!

  3. Joke Kane is Spurs through and through! This is just the beginning for Spurs ands something big is on the horizon. Why would he want too leave ….

  4. FFS teddy give it a rest. Yesterday it was Kane should join manure – like he’d give up CL football to join a shite side managed by a dinosaur that are yesterday’s news, and all just to play thursday nights in the ropey lol. I’m afraid once you said that you lost any credibility.
    As for RM they play in a league with only 3-5 top sides and most of the rest are C-ship quality. Unlike some players Harry has loyalty and knows a club on the up when he sees one. RM are a bunch of Pre-Madonna’s whilst Spurs are a band of brothers.

  5. You were a great player at Spurs Teddy but not the brightest of lads???? Why would Kane give up playing CL football with the club he supports?
    Just does not make any sense.

  6. Kane should go here, Kane should go there, Teddy why don’t you go f*** yourself . Not every player is a mercenary like you!.

  7. Well, I can only reiterate the comments above. Sheringham needs to keep quiet about what Kane should or should not do. Fortunately, I credit young Harry with more intelligence and maturity than the former Spurs and United player, who is either being paid by Real Madrid and Man United to say these things, or losing the plot altogether. I think now that Teddy might do well in walking football for the Scunthorpe Home for Retired Veterans with weak legs and weak brains.

  8. Comment: you guys dont know what you’re talking about, i see that you dont want kane to become a big name player like bale or suarez to lipt a champions leauge in a year, english leauge are playing shit that is why they’re not even qualified from eufa euro group stage or world cup. you did better advise em to move to madrid just for regular champions leauge.