Iker Casillas: I will shout ‘Hala Madrid’ wherever I go

Iker Casillas: I will shout ‘Hala Madrid’ wherever I go


Iker Casillas said goodbye to Real Madrid in a press conference at the Santiago Bernabeu completely alone, without a single member of the board or the stuff accompanying him.

It was a tough moment for the Los Blancos legend, who struggled to hold back the tears from the first word he spoke.

The 34-year-old finally managed to read the following statement thanking the Real Madrid family:

“Thanks for being here accompanying me in such a special moment. I have come here today to say goodbye to all Madridistas.
I’ve decided to move to Porto for two reasons. First of all, the illusion Porto’s president, sports director and manager have transmitted me. And secondly, for the public display of affection from Porto people since they knew I could be heading to Portugal. They’ve got me and I’m very happy. I will fight to win the maximum number of titles with them.
After 25 years wearing this badge, a difficult moment has come, the moment to say goodbye to this institution that has given me everything.
It feels like yesterday when I first wore Real Madrid shirt at nine years old and I saw my dream fulfilled. During these years, we have suffered, laughed and enjoyed together. I’ve felt loved in both the good and bad moments. This club has educated me as a footballer and as a person, it has helped me grow, filling me with personal values such as commitment and humility.
I want to specially remember all my team-mates with whom I’ve shared so many happy and sad moments. I leave great friends behind. Also the coaches -from Mezquita, who brought me to Real Madrid, to Carlo Ancelotti- because all of them have taught me things.
To all Real Madrid stuff, those who are not seen, because they have supported me every day when there has been any problem. To my family and friends, who helped me embark on this difficult but beautiful journey. And to my wife and son, who will be with me always. Thank you.
I also want to thank this Madridismo that knows no boundaries. Thank you for your unconditional support, for being next to me in the good and bad moments.
I’ve always said that rather than being remembered as a good goalkeeper, I only expect people to remember me as a good person, with all my imperfections. Thousands of thanks. I will never forget you and be sure that wherever I go I will keep shouting ‘Hala Madrid!’


  1. We wish you the best over there, and remain in our blood and soul for your great contributions rendered to Real Madrid during your life there. Good bye! Good bye!! Good bye!!!