Isco’s Lack of Respect Towards His Colleagues

Isco’s Lack of Respect Towards His Colleagues


There were two big surprises in Rome. Marcos Llorente started a game for the very first time this season -apart from the one in Copa del Rey- and Isco wasn’t included in the list, even if he travelled with the team. So quick rumours triggered and spread about what could have happened with the playmaker. A lack of respect toward the manager and the colleagues could be behind Solari’s decision.

Isco hasn’t started a game with Santiago Hernán Solari after six games, five of them were won by the team. According to some reports, after the terrible match in Eibar, Isco didn’t want to shake hands with Solari. Isco started the game on the bench and played 30 minutes, but he couldn’t avoid the great defeat. The last game he played from the start was El Clásico, with Julen Lopetegui on the bench.

Julen Lopetegui was the only coach in Real Madrid that had trust in Isco. With Zinedine Zidane, Isco struggled to get in the starting eleven. Finally, he convinced Zizou, but he had to work hard. This year should have been his most important season, taking the lead of the team, but just like his friend Marco Asensio, there is no news of Isco. He has only scored one goal in La Liga -against Athletic Club- and in the Champions League -against AS Roma-, and his importance in the team has been decreasing all along these months.

Solari took the decision to put him on the bench, just like Marco Asensio. No one can say that he has been unfair towards these two players, who are being making terrible performances this year despite the many chances given. Besides, some journalists and even colleagues commented that Isco doesn’t train very well and he doesn’t put many efforts in improving in the day-to-day work.

Now Real Madrid face Valencia at home, in a very difficult game, and Melilla in Copa del Rey. Perhaps, Isco can have the opportunity to change his attitude and performance in the Copa del Rey fixture. Real Madrid and Solari cannot allow to miss such an important player. And Isco needs to change his situation as well. For the common well-being, this situation needs to be sorted out.