Should Kiko Casilla play instead of Keylor Navas?

Should Kiko Casilla play instead of Keylor Navas?


After the first defeat in 40 games at Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, there is some controversy with Real Madrid players. Some of them didn’t show a great level against Sevilla and the supporters are pointing them for not showing their skills in one of the most important games of the season.

Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo or Keylor Navas were the players who didn’t play great. Benzema missed an important chance and lost the ball in the second goal scored by Jovetic. Cristiano Ronaldo was used to shine against Sevilla but he didn’t participate a lot in the game, whereas Keylor Navas could have done more in the two goals conceded by the team. We want to focus on Keylor Navas, because there is an open debate in whether the Costa Rican should be the goalkeeper or Kiko Casilla deserves an opportunity.

The Spanish goalkeeper showed his quality in Copa del Rey. Actually, Casilla was one of the best players on Thursday and helped the team to go through the next stage in the competition. Kiko Casilla also played the first games of La Liga because Navas was injured and he only concede six goals in six games achieving two clean sheets.

Keylor Navas made his season debut in the 2nd of October against Eibar. He’s played 11 games in La Liga so far, conceding 10 goals in 11 games and having three clean sheets. The stats are quite similar, but some people think that the Costa Rican performances are getting poorer since his operation in the summer because he suffered from an Achilles tendonitis.

Last season, Keylor Navas was one of the best players of the team, giving a lot of points to Real Madrid. He showed a lot of reflexes and save Los Blancos several times. However, this year he’s not showing the same skills. For instance, in the game against Sevilla, he started the clash with an error in a corner kick, when N’Zonzi was about to score from a header. In the first goal, he could have left the goal and catch the ball, but he was afraid of leaving the goal and Sergio Ramos scored the own goal in the set piece. Only five minutes later, he wasn’t in the right place when Jovetic shot from outside the box, leaving a great space in his left hand side.

For these reasons, there are people saying that Kiko Casilla deserves an opportunity also in La Liga and Keylor Navas should stay in the bench until his performances get better. Which goalkeeper do you think should play?


  1. Karim, Ronaldo, and Navas played poorly but Navas is the only one being questioned on whether or not he should continue to be a starter?

    This is a piece looking to just stir the waters and create conflict.

    As a Liverpool fan, it saddens me to read pieces like this.

  2. Comment: the earlier real realises that they lark good finishers the better for them. they have only been banking on luck. they lark good and sharp strikers at the moment. but they dont want to agree. Ronaldo and Benzma are now old and cant penetrate any seriouse defence smartly any longer. Real must quickly bring in prolific and smarter attackers that can produce convincing wins for madrid not this set of crawling analogue finishers

  3. Let’s see the logic of recent media outbursts:

    Ramos scores an OG – “Let’s blame it on Keylor Navas.”
    Real Madrid don’t create a single serious shot on target – “Let’s blame it on Keylor Navas.”
    Five defenders can’t stop shots on target from 20m away – “Let’s blame it on Keylor Navas.”
    Real Madrid lose a game because of total tactical bainfart – “Let’s blame it on Keylor Navas.”
    Zidane doesn’t use his substitutes, while players are dying on the pitch – “Let’s blame it on Keylor Navas.”

    Seems legit.