Lucas Vázquez: We have the best squad in the world

Lucas Vázquez: We have the best squad in the world


Real Madrid players are getting ready for El Clásico in the next Saturday. They have to face earlier the second leg against Cultural Leonesa in the Last 32 Round in Copa del Rey, after the beat the team 1-7 in the first leg. Lucas Vázquez and Nacho have spoken in the unveiling of their new boots with Adidas.

Los Blancos face El Clásico with a run of 31 games unbeaten. According to Lucas, this is thanks to the coach: “I think Zidane knows how to handle the squad. We have the best squad in the world and this run can only be achieved with a large squad”, the winger said.

He’s one of the favourite players of the supporters: “We have great fans and they support everybody. I’m very helpful for this acknowledgment and I want to give back this love with work and victories”, the former Espanyol player.

Nacho is also happy at this moment with Real Madrid and the supporters also like him. The defender was asked about if this is the best moment in his career: “Perhaps it is. I’m having continuity. I feel very well physically. We have to keep working so everything continues the same”.

According to the defender, the good moment of the team is thanks to Zizou: “A lot of the responsibility about the run is Zidane’s, because he’s the maximum responsible and the players have unity”. Lucas Vázquez agrees with his team mate: “In the daily basis, he’s very close to us. He’s been a player, so he knows how is training every day and the pressure”.

Finally, both were asked about El Clásico. Last year Real Madrid won, but this year they are better, according to Lucas: “In comparison with last season, we arrive in a good momento. We are top of the table, we are in good shape and willing to get the three points”.

The defender agrees and they are confident to win La Liga but there is still a lot of work to do: “We are in a good position but there are more than 20 games left. We haven’t been defeated in a while and we hope we continue this way. Hopefully we can get the three points from there. It will give us confidence”, Nacho finished.