Madrid Press: ‘Crazy referee’

Madrid Press: ‘Crazy referee’


Madrid sports newspapers put their focus today in Real Madrid’s dramatic 1-2 victory in Elche, with a controversial penalty in stoppage time.

“Crazy referee”, titles As, claiming the penalty “was unfair and out of time”. “Cristiano Ronaldo gave Los Blancos the win with two goals. He has already scored 210 in 206 games with Real”, they add.

Marca says “Pepe tricked the referee by falling inside the box”. Former international referee and Marca’s expert Rafa Guerrero claims “it wasn’t a penalty”.

The most sold Spanish newspaper states that “Los Blancos played a horrible match and will meet Atletico Madrid with many doubts”.

“We have been robbed. The referee is a scamp”, Elche’s defender Edu Albacar told Canal+ reporters after the game. “We will not win the derby playing like this”, Carlo Ancelotti said in the press conference.

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