Madrid press report: La Decima!

Madrid press report: La Decima!

La Decima press report

Madrid-based sports newspapers congratulate Real Madrid for their Champions League victory against Atletico Madrid, emphasizing Sergio Ramos star role as he scored a late equaliser to send the game into extra time.

“La Decima!,” titles Marca, alongside a picture of Ramos cellebrating his goal. “Ramos header in the 93rd minute destroyed Atletico and opened the way to the sky for Madrid,” they state.

“A slalom by Di Maria and a header from Bale put an end to the Rojiblancos’ dream,” they add. “Atleti was only two minutes away from glory,” they point out.

Meanwhile, the other main sports daily from Madrid, As, titles “La Decima is here.” “Champion with honours,” they publish.

Alfredo Relano’s newspaper focuses on the statements from the players. “It’s the most important goal of my career,” said Ramos. “La Decima is more important than the World Cup,” said Casillas.

“I have dreamed about it since I was a child,” claimed Di Maria, who was picked as the best player of the match.

Diego Simeone, on the other hand, confessed “this match does not deserve a single tear.”

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