Manchester City ready to offer Daniel Carvajal ‘exorbitant salary’

Manchester City ready to offer Daniel Carvajal ‘exorbitant salary’

Daniel Carvajal

Manchester City have reportedly targeted Real Madrid defender Daniel Carvajal and they are ready to offer him an exorbitant salary to try to seduce him.

According to Spanish website, Pep Guardiola has requested his future bosses to bring the Spaniard to the Etihad Stadium.

The Citizens know Carvajal has one of the lowest salaries among Real Madrid players, and they hope they can convince him to leave his life club for a considerably higher wage.

Carvajal currently earns around 2 million euros per season. The Sky Blues would be ready to pay him 6 million euros, which would be a very tempting offer.

According to these reports, City would offer Real Madrid 35 million euros for the right-back. And although that’s also an interesting offer, it seems highly unlikely that Florentino Perez will accept it, since Carvajal is one of the fans’ favourites and his departure would be harshly criticised.

In fact, Perez is trying to extend the footballer’s contract and will most likely increase his salary.

Despite Danilo’s arrival last summer, Carvajal is still the first choice for the right-back at Real Madrid. He has made 23 appearances this season, scoring one goal and providing four assists.


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