Madrid Press: Ancelotti makes optimism reign

Madrid Press: Ancelotti makes optimism reign


Madrid sports newspapers put their focus in the good mood during Real Madrid’s first training of the summer under Carlo Ancelotti’s orders.

“Ancelotti declares the state of optimism”, titles As. The Spanish daily highlights that Ancelotti told the players he trusts their “talent and professionalism”.

“We all start from zero” is Marca’s headline. That was Ancelotti’s message during the first session. “Ancelotti attracts the players in the first speech”, the Madrid daily says.

Marca brings to its front page some of Ancelotti’s sentences during the training: “I trust all of you”, he told the players. “I want you to play at first touch”, he added.


  1. Am very sure Real madrid will did something very important this season but they should not forget to re-enforce their central deffence.