Marcelo may return sooner than expected

Marcelo may return sooner than expected


Los Blancos have many important injured players in the team (Pepe, Marcelo, Bale, Carvajal and Modrid) but there is a defense that his recovery is going better than anyone could have imagined. Last Monday, Real Madrid medical staff informed that Marcelo was going to be out of the pitch for a month.:”After the tests to Marcelo we inform that he has a grade two left thigh muscle teat, that would let him out of the pitch at least three weeks”, the medical staff said.

It’s true that Real Madrid said that the player was pending of evolution. This type of injuries let you out at less for three weeks, but just five days after the medical services informed his injury, the Brazilian left back has surprised everyone when he appeared in the train pitch doing some exercises with the ball.

While the rest of the team prepared the match of the regular season against Real Sociedad, Marcelo entered the pitch and started to play with a ball, as if there was no trace from his femoral biceps injury.

If finally Marcelo’s miracle is confirmed, Zinedine Zidane could recover for next week one of his most important players. Carvajal has the same injury as Marcelo (they had same medical test) and he is still working in the gym, although he was injured one week before.

These are very good news for the French manager because Real Madrid are having defense problems in the last game. Nacho is the player who has substituted Marcelo in the left back although Fabio Coentrao had to be the natural substitute.

Marcelo is a very¬†important player in the squad because he is one the Real Madrid’s captain being in several times the soul of the side. With him on the pitch, Los Blancos are much more dangerous because Marcelo is a very offensive left back who has a major role in the team.