Marcelo: “Real must always win something”

Marcelo: “Real must always win something”


The third Real Madrid captain, Marcelo, admitted after beating Deportivo that “winning the Liga is always difficult and the team didn’t start well this season”.

However, Marcelo praised his team and he pointed the handicap of changing the coach in the middle of the season. “The coach arrived in the middle of the season and it’s difficult. But we’ve finished a point away and we did a very good work. Real must always win something. Now we have a final to finish the season well”.

On the 28th of May, Real will face Atlético de Madrid in the Champions League final. If they win the ‘Undécima’ (means 11th Champions in Spanish), it’d have been a good season. If they lose, it would be the second straight year without titles.

That’s why now Real only thinks about preparing this game, like Marcelo, who said that is a “very hard and difficult game”, and although they have 15 days for preparing it, he said that isn’t too much.