How much El Clásico tickets cost?

How much El Clásico tickets cost?


Real Madrid will face FC Barcelona on December 3 at Camp Nou in the regular season. Los Blancos supporters are looking at prices to cheer their team in Barcelona, but they have been surprised because the prices are still more expensive than last year.

Real Madrid fans are upset after knowing the prices that Barça had stablished for the Clásico next December 3 at Camp Nou (4:15 pm). The 600 localities for Los Blancos followers are priced at 123 euros. An enormous amount if it is valued that they will be lactated in the top amphitheater of Barça’s stadium, with a very poor visibility by the height and with the added obstacle of the security screen FC Barcelona had installed to separate them form the opposite supporters.

It’s normal the discomfort of Real Madrid supporters when we compare the prices of the tickets in the last Real Madrid v Barcelona where the prices were 80 euros, 43 less than the Los Blancos supporters will now pay for the match at Camp Nou. These prices are very expensive to any normal citizen that want to go to cheer to an Stadium.

The anger has increased, when Real Madrid supporters have also realize that they must also pay 90 euros to go to Vicente Calderón to watch the derby on the 19th of November. In the last derby at Bernabéu (February), there were only 130 Atlético Madrid supporters in the stands of Santiago Bernabéu because they complained about the high price of the ticket, 70 euros. Something strange when the tickets were lower than the one they stablished this year.

The prices of the tickets should be lower because later we can see in many ganes of La Liga that the stadiums are almost empties and this gives a very bad image of the Spanish League. In England and Germany we can every weekend the stadiums full of supporters and that’s to be transmitted.