Real Madrid and Barcelona Put Their Eyes in the Same Brazilian Jewel

Real Madrid and Barcelona Put Their Eyes in the Same Brazilian Jewel


These days we are watching the stars of the future in the Under 17 World Cup taking place in India. The scouters have a lot of work because there are a lot of interesting footballers showing their skills. The tournament is getting more interesting as the national teams are in the knock-out stages.

Real Madrid scouters are also taking a close eye to these games. We know that the club has changed their policy and now they are looking for new talents instead of Galácticos because the price set for these players is too high. The last one to be bought was Vinicius, the Brazilian striker playing now at Flamengo and he should stay there at least until he turns 18.

The new pearl to be followed now is Lincoln. Real Madrid and Barcelona are keeping a close eye to this Brazilian footballer, according to MARCA. He’s also playing for Flamengo, but currently he’s helping Brazil to achieve the quarter-finals of the competition.

Lincoln has started the tournament pretty well. Actually, he scored goals in the first three games of the competition, including the first game against Spain. Brazil is one of the favourites of the tournament and they’ve won all four games so far. Germany is their next rival in the quarter-finals.

Real Madrid and Barcelona already fought for Neymar or Vinicius in the past. Both teams are very interested in the Brazilian market, always full of talent. However, Lincoln performance in the tournament might raise his price a little bit more. This summer both giants were also trying to sign Ceballos from Betis but Los Blancos won that battle.

So far, the new policy of Real Madrid is bringing good results to Los Blancos. Marco Asensio is the best example. He was signed from Mallorca when he was a teenager -Barcelona also wanted him-, and he’s now one of the best players of the team despite his age. Could Lincoln be the next star of the future?


  1. real madrid need to buy and sell some players. Those to sell are: 1. Cristiano ronaldo, Benzama, gareth Bale, Cassila,and Toni. Those to buy include: Neymer, Dyballa, David De gea, Alexis Sanches and Dele Alli