Real Madrid, Angry with the Postponement of the Game

Real Madrid, Angry with the Postponement of the Game


Real Madrid bosses aren’t very happy with the postponement of the game in Vigo. Los Blancos wanted to play that match because they thought the suspension could be avoided if they had react on time. The clash could be played in any other stadium of the cover could be fixed to play the important fixture.

Now Real Madrid and Celta de Vigo have to find a date to play the game and the truth is that there aren’t any dates available until May if both teams continue in the European competitions. For this reason, Los Blancos would have wanted to play the game on Sunday, instead of postponing the game without any clue about when can be played.

According to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Real Madrid bosses think that there was a trick in postponing the game and the clubs, the city of Vigo and La Liga could have done more to play that game this weekend. The stadium wasn’t in perfect conditions because there was a lack of commitment in repairing the cover of the stadium, quite old and owned by the Council of Vigo.

The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, was the first who announced the postponement of the clash. Los Blancos wanted to travel and La Liga didn’t give any news to Real Madrid about the game.

Now Los Blancos have to play next Saturday against Osasuna, 13 days after they played the last game against Real Sociedad. By then, Barcelona could be topping the table with three games more than Los Blancos, who still have to play in Valencia in the game postponed for the FIFA Club World Cup.

The feeling is that Celta de Vigo v Real Madrid could have been played on Sunday if the institutions would have had some commitment. Now Celta could play against Alavés the second leg of the semifinals of Copa del Rey with the squad rested, whereas Real Madrid have to wait 6 more days to play an official game.