Real Madrid double Keylor’ salary

Real Madrid double Keylor’ salary


According to Spanish newspaper As, Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who is receiving €2,2 million this season, will receive the next season €4,5 million.

Last summer Real wanted to sign Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea and Keylor was going to be the new United keeper. According to As, €4,5 million was the salary which United offered him. Real agreed with the player raise the salary if he do a well season.

Keylor signed for real in 2014, after a brilliant World Cup with his national team but in the first year he didn’t have a good year because Ancelotti chose Casillas as the starting goalkeeper.

This season 2015/16 has been consolidation year, receiving only 31 goals in 45 games. He didn’t receive any goal in 22 matches and he saved three penaltis of four times. That’s why Real executives and specially Zinedine Zidane are very happy with him.

Furthermore, the club is also happy with his decision about the injury. Keylor doesn’t think in holidays and now he is recuperating to be fit on 15th July, when starts the Real pre-season.

Spanish medias say Real definitely won’t go to sign De Gea because of Keylor. In addition, a lot of questionaires show Real fans are very happy with Costa Rican player and they wouldn’t change him for De Gea.


  1. We need (Real Madrid) need to sign P. Pogba. Those who oppose that idea frankly don’t know football. Yes, there are players like Isco, James , Casamiro, Kovacitz in the mild field, but those players don’t have the talent and quality of play that Pogba possess. Kroos has some works to do in offensive phase. When the team needs a fast attacking movement, only Modric can play that role. Pogba is a perfect fit for Real Madrid… Hala Madrid.