Real Madrid withdraw the bid for Pogba

Real Madrid withdraw the bid for Pogba


According to information published by Sky Sports, Real Madrid would have withdrawn the bid for the signing of French midfielder Paul Pogba, who would end up signing for Manchester United, ready to meet the salary requested by Juventus.

Real Madrid is considered to be unable to match the tremendous economic offer of the team that trains José Mourinho, who will pay 100 million euros for the transfer fee, plus €23M in various bonuses, which include variables and the substantial commission of Mino Raiola, player agent. In addition, Manchester United will pay the player 15 million euros per year and will sign for five seasons.

Sky Sports sources have confirmed that the team of Florentino Perez has accepted that it cannot compete with the Manchester United offer and Los Blancos have withdrawn the negotiations. Everything points to white set to divert the gaze towards the valencianista André Gomes as a substitute for the French midfielder.

The English media speculated tha Real Madrid would pay up to 50 million for André Gomes. Actually, André Gomes and Paul Pogba will see echa other in the Euro final in Saint Denis, in the game between France and Portugal.

Pogba would not be the first signing arriving at Old Trafford from the hand of Angri. This summer has already closed the signings of Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. All these great players should help Mourinho in the goal on putting back Manchester United on the winning track. Pogba, Mkhitaryan and Ibrahimovic should be enough for this.


  1. Comment: Andre Gomez is never an option for Real madrid,,, marco verrati is a perfect addition in the midfield…hala madrid…

  2. Andre Gomes could be the next Ronaldinho, the lad has the ability to take the pitch in his stride and turn the whole field around, he will very soon convince his doubters, Madrid may regret failure to sign him, that boy is an authority in the heart of operations, he will best iniesta

  3. Comment: Gomes may be a future player,,but not in real madrid,,,we need a player who can deliver in a big stage not a player that can’t never face an Hard to please santiago barnebeau fans..we need more establish players,,instead of Gomes,why can’t we go for Javi martinez in Bayern munich..or marco verrati of Psg…Gomes Euro 2016 form was nothing to talk about..hala madrid.

  4. Comment:Real Madrid should sign N’golo Kante first because the season is long and Madrid need another good defensive midfielder, then sign another confident and brilliant midfield maestro like Lucas Modric.
    Another option is needed at the left back, Marcello is a human, he needs rest too.