I am responsible for defeat, says Carlo Ancelotti

I am responsible for defeat, says Carlo Ancelotti


Carlo Ancelotti has said he is responsible for Real Madrid’s shock defeat to Real Sociedad and has vowed to find a system that will work for the team.

Los Blancos had taken a 2-0 lead inside the opening 10 minutes at Anoeta and were looking comfortable. But they let that slip through a number of defensive errors, and ended up being routed 4-2.

Speaking after the game, the Italian manager said it was like watching two different games. The opening 30 minutes, he said, were brilliant, but the next hour was terrible. And he added that a lack of concentration played a part in the mistakes – something that he would have to get his team to work on.

“There were two matches. The first 30 minutes were very good, with quality, pace and focus. The rest was very bad. It is difficult to explain what happened. We conceded corners, free-kicks… We’re very sorry, I don’t like the team to play like that for an hour,” Ancelotti said.

And the boss told journalists he was to blame for the heavy defeat. “It is a defeat that I don’t like at all. Sometimes you can have a bad match but a team like Real Madrid, when they are winning 2-0, have to keep concentrating and maintain their attitude to win the match. We didn’t do that, I am responsible and we’ll do something to change,” he commented.


  1. The Madrid has played well during the half time, but in the next half hour, they played poorly especially in defend, there were alots of defensive errors, and Real have to sorted out such error before derbies loom.

  2. Real Sociedad – Real Madrid
    Casillas: “We cannot let slip a 0-2 lead like that”quote
    I see the need for assertive Capt to Mid field position sorry to have let in 4 goals Need a Rest Casillas
    Time for Change,The Defenders who are attackers and those afraid to Hold the Ball and Run at the opposition
    we don’t have a Team effort we have individuals who are not Productive in Control, Passing, and Defense.

  3. ilike comment made by ancelotti he need to accept.Real madrid need REFORMATION.look at both games played by realmadrid this season look at pre-season VERRY BAD.

  4. carlo must learn to take bold decision on defence some players there play as if they are strikers when u are manager and u dont want to take bold decision is up to u..The coach tactics is poor he need to change it ..Am madrid fun and i think carlo season will be disaster if he can not be brave and take crucial decision he will leave madrid when the players stay..

  5. I tink ancelotti is forced to play certain players DAT bad for realmadrid u can’t play modric and Ross without a defensive midfielder isco and Rodriguez are good attacking but cant fall back, putting pressure on d mid field best Madrid formation is iker carvajal Ramos pepe Marcelo/coentrao; khedira/illara kross modric, ronaldo /isco, bale/Rodriguez, Benz/ hernadez, isco and Rodriguez should never b use at centre of midfield NCOs of lack of work rate

  6. Of course he is to blame . Sold 2 of the most influential players of last season and bought highly overrated James . We can’t blame Carlo for letting Alonso leave because it was his decision……. but they forced Di Maria out whereas any other club would’ve given him a hero’s reception for his performances last season . James is not proven at the highest level(one good tournament is not enough) and 80m is way too high but Kroos was a smart buy and we should have stopped there . Today’s RM team is weaker than what we had last season.

  7. sure anceloti is to blame,technically is poor,look at Madrid pre season,look the game against atleti.
    Furthemore how a good coach can let go a strong midfielder like di maria,anceloti is blaming maria that he went because he looks for money,that is ok,he deserve a lot money,more than BALE and BENZEMA,he is the architect of that team,he is the only one capable to open space for every one there RONALDO<BALE<BENZEMA.
    Anceloti could convince PEREZ to add more for him or give the same amount that is going to get in MATCHESTER UNITED,look how he gave strength to his new team.
    The Deal in Madrid for Di mRIA WAS UNFAIR AND HE IS RIGHT TO GO.
    THE TEAM IS UNBALANCED NOW.REAL NEEDED dI Maria than benzema or hernandez.
    Anceloti,i predict for you this season will be a disaster and y will go and leave the players.
    Remember that team won decimal,it s MORINO s team,so wat morigno built for years ,anceloti is going to destroy it because poor analysis,choice technique very poor,how can let go di maria and keep isco,kedhira,irallamede.
    REAL could sell those players and keep,add money for Alonso and di maria because those players went where they get more,congratulation to van gal and pap guardial for your choices,y have good vision on players that can help team to stand.

    REAL will get anything this year ,and will be humialited and that is anceloti is poor vision and poor choice technique.

  8. Please buy luis gustavo before it is too late! Madrid made the same mistake letting makalele go as alonso has also left aswell these dm’s are so influential. Attack on does not just win you games!

  9. Sham, shame, shame. I understand that a team can loose games but really it’s a shame what I saw yesterday. Dear Real fans, get ready to see worse. I admit fans like me who don’t have a share in the club don’t mean anything. Our suggestions and views don’t get anywhere. Because frankly, anyone who knows soccer (football) will never comprehend what in the world Real Madrid let players like Di M., Alonso leave the team. What the owners of the club are looking for? Getting J. Hernandez and abandoning Falcao doesn’t make sense. This acquisition will not help the team in any way. Let’s wait and see.