Roberto Carlos claims he can bring Neymar to Real Madrid

Roberto Carlos claims he can bring Neymar to Real Madrid

Roberto Carlos

Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos has claimed he can use his influence to get Barcelona star Neymar to sign for Los Blancos.

In an interview with Spanish TV station Intereconomia, the former Los Merengues defender said: “If the president lets me join the club, I can convince Neymar to come to Real Madrid.”

The Brazilian, who is currently player-manager at Indian side Delhi Dynamos, show suggested he is going to join Real Madrid in some way: “It would be an honour for me to work at Real Madrid. I’ve had a meeting with the club about my future. Now I’m leaving for a few days and on Friday we will know more about it.”

Asked about the role he would like to have, Roberto Carlos admitted that “being the football director is a bit difficult.” “What I want is to learn from Zidane and help him in the training sessions. I would learn a lot from him.”

The Brazilian criticised Rafa Benitez’s job and claimed the Frenchman is going to do better: “Zidane’s Madrid is going to be completely different the previous manager’s Madrid. It’s going to get better. Zidane is a leader. The manager has to be friends with the players, and Benitez was not affectionate with them.”

Roberto Carlos, who is arguably the best left-back in Real Madrid history, praised the current full-backs of the team: “Marcelo is the best left-back in the world. Carvajal is very good, and Danilo is still adapting. Playing at Porto is different from playing at Madrid.”

He also praised Gareth Bale and said “the new manager will make Bale get better.” “Zidane can get a lot from Bale and he will make Real Madrid have more players in contention to win the Ballon d’Or, not just one,” he added.

Asked about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos believes he is not going to leave the club any time soon: “He is phenomenal and will keep playing at Real Madrid for many years to come.”


  1. I think Roberto Carlos is too arrogant to claim he can bring Neymar. It is very difficult, and would be too expensive. Are we really going to give Barca 150 million? That is totally mad.

  2. Neymar should never had joined barcelona….
    Roberto is a one of a kind player in defense….
    I Hope to see you in madrid again. ….
    Hala Madrid