Ronaldo needs to understand he is not the manager, says Luxemburgo

Ronaldo needs to understand he is not the manager, says Luxemburgo


Former Real Madrid manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo has criticised Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview with Perform Group.

The Brazilian, who is currently managing Chinese side Tianjin Songjiang has explained the key for Zinedine Zidane to succeed as Los Blancos manager is to make Cristiano Ronaldo understand that “the star is the coach, and not Ronaldo”.

“Zidane was a leader when he was a player, so Cristiano now has to understand that there is a person with strong leadership and with great knowledge of football there,” the Brazilian said.

“The dressing room belongs to the players up to a certain point. From then on it belongs to the coach. If Cristiano Ronaldo thinks he’s the coach it’s difficult. He has to understand he’s a player and not a coach. The coach is Zidane,” he added.

Luxemburgo believes Barcelona is the perfect example to understand his point: “Messi is just a player. He was a player with Guardiola and is still a player with Luis Enrique. He’s a star but is still a player. That’s the limit.”

The manager said Florentino Perez should give Zidane freedom to make his own decisions: “At Real Madrid, if the coach leaves Ronaldo on the bench, Florentino Perez goes crazy. There’s a big difference between Real Madrid and Barcelona in that respect. The head coach at Barcelona is in charge. At Madrid, it’s not like that with Perez.”


  1. Bringing zizou is not the next step for now but,since liverpool has captured the service of another young talented manager(jurgen klopp).
    Let’s use what we have,for madrid needs that type of coach who can use ball!
    Zizou might not manage other clubs but he is going to make history in Real Madrid.