Royston Drenthe and his Parties in Madrid

Royston Drenthe and his Parties in Madrid


Real Madrid signed in 2007 Royston Drenthe, alongside with Wesley Snejder. Drenthe was a young -only 20 years old- and promising Dutch left back. He was playing at Feyenoord and shone with the U-21 Netherlands team, winning the European Championship in 2007.

However, at Real Madrid he didn’t have this success. The footballer played 46 games and he was given on loan twice, to Hércules and Everton. His career started to go down after playing at Bernabéu and he’s now retired and only thinking in the music, as he is a famous rapper.

Now Drenthe explained his problems at Real Madrid or his hobbies during the ‘dangerous’ nights out in the Spanish capital: “I went out, yes. Not every night, like people said. But a lot of nights. We went to Buddha (famous club in Madrid) and there we had fun. A lot of times I had to go out secretly because it wasn’t the right time. But it’s not easy to say ‘no’ every night, because as Real Madrid player you’re offered many things. Madrid is a great city, there are many restaurants, a lot of party, beautiful girls… And you are young, Real Madrid players… There are many temptations in front of you if you are not focus”, Drenthe remembered in an interview with the Spanish newspaper MARCA.

The left back said that he didn’t go out alone, but with some Real Madrid players. However, he doesn’t want to name anybody. Besides, he tells a funny story: “I went with a friend to the casino and suddenly two beautiful girls approached. The four of us went to a hotel and we had fun. At the end the problem arrived. They asked us 1,000€ per person. I didn’t know we had to pay! I thought it was only fun, not paying. I didn’t bring cash, only cards! Imagine the situation”, Drenthe explains.

Drenthe finishes his story: “My friend didn’t want to pay because it was a lot of money. At the end we gave all the chips we had won at the casino. There are some stories like that”.

Finally, Drenthe refuses the idea of not having success at Real Madrid because of his parties: “I don’t agree with that. I never arrived late to a training and I worked hard. If I left Madrid it wasn’t because of that. I think I had good moment, but football is complicated and even more Real Madrid. But for the club I only have good words. They were always kind with me”.