Sergio Ramos: 1-0 is a good result to take to Munich

Sergio Ramos: 1-0 is a good result to take to Munich


Sergio Ramos was very satisfied with Real Madrid’s performance against Bayern Munich in the home leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League. “It’s a good result to take to Munich and go through to the final,” he told the reporters after the match.

“It was a well-played, tough and intense game. They kept possession but we put in a solid performance. We had a lot of chances,” he added.

When asked about Carlo Ancelotti’s tactics, Ramos confessed Real “didn’t renounce to control possession, but Bayern have world-class players, much quality, and they like to have the ball. We were able to threaten them with counter-attacks, and I’m very happy with the team’s performance, because we gave our all.”

The 28-year-old also encouraged his team-mates for the away leg: “If we want to hurt them, we have to go all out for the win. We have a poor record in Germany but I’ve always said statistics are there to be broken and that’s what we’ll go to Munich to do.”

Ramos had thankful words for the fans, who created a very hostile atmosphere for Bayern: “With their support it’s much easier for us, and we are happy to get a good result they can enjoy. It’s been amazing. As a Madridista, I’ve been here for almost ten years and this has been an unforgettable night,” the defender admitted.

The centre-back also praised team-mate Iker Casillas, who saved the equaliser with a brilliant save in the last minutes. “We are used to it. We have two great goalkeepers, Diego in La Liga and Iker in the Copa. He has already given us that title. He always appears in the crucial moments,” he concluded.

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