Sergio Ramos: We’re happier under Zizou

Sergio Ramos: We’re happier under Zizou


Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos says the players are much happier now playing under new boss Zinedine Zidane.

The Frenchman took over from Rafa Benitez in January and has guided the club for three victories and a draw in his first four matches – the latest being a 6-0 win over Espanyol on Sunday evening.

In the images and footage emerging from training, and from the style of football played in the matches so far, the players look visibly happier than they did under the Spaniard.

Speaking to the media after the game, Ramos stated: “Under Zizou everyone is much happier, I don’t know whether it’s because of the relationship that he already had with the players from the time he worked under Ancelotti or whether it is because of the respect that we have for him. For us he’s represents an example to follow, he was a legendary figure at this club. When he gives you advice, he does it differently to any other coach, but all of the coaches who have been here have always received the utmost respect.”

And he added: “Since Zidane has come in, there has been a change in this regard. These three weeks with him have been tough, but they’ll serve us well for what’s in store during the rest of the season, as the intense part of the season approaches.”