The Good Relationship between Real Madrid and Tottenham

The Good Relationship between Real Madrid and Tottenham


Tottenham Hotspur visit Santiago Bernabéu six years later the last time the Spurs set a foot in the Spanish capital. It was in the quarter-finals of the Champions and the British team didn’t have an option against Mourinho’side, who thrashed them at home (4-0) after Peter Crouch was sent off. Then, Cristiano scored in White Hart Lane to get the ticket to the semi-finals.

Harry Redknapp was leading that group with great footballers in the team, such as Luka Modric or Gareth Bale. Six years later, the Spurs have made a great team again under Mauricio Pochettino’s guidance, finishing in the top three in the last two Premier Leagues. With less money than their competitors, the North London club has created a team that is able to fight against the giants in England.

It was different in Europe. Last season, they were knocked out in the group stage surprisingly and they were also beat by Gent in the Europa League. This season the Spurs need to make a step up in their progression and reach, at least, the Last 16 of the competition, although their group is quite complicated.

Florentino Pérez has always kept a close eye to Tottenham Hotspur. The president keeps a good relationship with Daniel Levy and both have done several business together. It was very tough, but Florentino was able to sign Luka Modric and Gareth Bale, two of the great stars that played for Tottenham in the last years.

Now, the president is following Harry Kane and Mauricio Pochettino. The British man is one of the best strikers in Europe at the moment and he’s been in Real Madrid agenda in the last months. Pochettino could be an option for the future and, actually, there were rumours about his links with Real Madrid even when he was training Espanyol. Besides, Dele Alli, suspended for tonight’s game, has raised some interest at Bernabéu offices.

There are seven players that have played for both teams in their career. Apart from Modric and Bale, we can also name Emmanuel Adebayor, César Sánchez, Roberto Soldado, Jonathan Woodgate and Rafael Van der Vaart.


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