The Players Blamed by the Supporters for their Poor Season

The Players Blamed by the Supporters for their Poor Season


We have only started the month of March and Real Madrid season is over. The only goal is to finish among the top four in the table to get the ticket for the next Champions League. There are many people to be blamed for this crisis that was foreseen by Zinedine Zidane many months ago and no one took decisions. But now we want to focus on the players, at the end the ones that have more responsibility.

Gareth Bale

If Real Madrid had a start this season was the Welshman. With Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure, Bale was supposed to take the lead of the squad and take a step forward. However, he was worst than ever. His season has been irrelevant, with many injuries and most of the time passed on the bench. Lucas Vázquez and Vinicius Junior took his place on the pitch. He should have been sold last summer and this will be his last season with the white t-shirt.

Marco Asensio

Luka Modric pointed out in the press conference in the previous day of the match against Ajax that there were many players who should have scored 15-20 goals this season. Asensio has scored only one goal in La Liga, 3 in Copa del Rey and 2 in Champions League. He has passed most of the season on the bench due to his poor performances.

Toni Kroos

Once upon a time, the German was the guide of the midfield. He was accurate, fast and safe. Now is a diesel engine, unable to carburate the team. Even if Luka Modric has shown proud and has improved during the season, Toni Kroos has gone all the way around. Against Ajax he played his worst game with the Real Madrid t-shirt.


Similar situation. The Brazilian was one of the best stoppers of the world and key in the success of the last seasons. However, during the whole year he’s been out of shape, not fit, losing the position and very slot. Even Marcos Llorente replaced him with success but he got injured. Casemiro is still young and can turn around his situation.


One of the footballers punished by Solari and he had his reasons. From the European Eurocup -where he gave a present to Atlético to score one goal- until El Clásico in Copa del Rey at Camp Nou, Marcelo has been terrible during the whole season. One of the preferred footballers by the supporters and, suddenly, completely out of the competition. Juventus can be his destination during the summer. He’s been the best left-back since Roberto Carlos.