Three Former Real Madrid Players Arrested for Match Fixing

Three Former Real Madrid Players Arrested for Match Fixing


The Spanish National Police have arrested three former Real Madrid players accused of leading an organization for match fixing in La Liga and the Segunda División tournament. Carlos Aranda, Borja Fernández and Raúl Bravo are the footballers linked with Los Blancos in custody at the moment, according to the British BBC.

This is the biggest police raid against match fixing in Spain, especially for the relevancy of the accused. In the middle of the organization the police put Raúl Bravo, former Real Madrid left back and also Spanish player during the Euro in Portugal. He was at Castilla with Borja Fernández, recently retired and playing last season for Valladolid, and Carlos Aranda, with a past in Real Madrid.

The chairman of Huesa, team newly promoted to La Liga and bottom of the table this season, Agustín Lasaosa. In total, there are 21 people involved and the club Huesca is in the spotlight. There are two games investigated involving this club, one last season in Segunda (Huesca-Nàstic) and another one in La Liga (Huesca-Valencia).

Besides, La Liga is also investigating the game Valladolid-Valencia, where Los Chés won the qualification for the Champions League. It was the last game as a professional for Borja Fernández, curiously arrested days later for this investigation. All Aranda, Borja and Raúl Bravo are supposed to have built a friendship from their times at Real Madrid.

This information put many pressure on La Liga. The tournament is always following carefully the movements in the online betting sites. However, this raid shows how difficult is to control this crime to happen. The investigation continues and now all these three players are in custody. There were registrations in Málaga, Madrid and Huesca, in an operation shaking the Spanish football.

There were other people involved and currently in custody like Íñigo López Montaña, Deportivo de la Coruña player, or Juan Carlos Galindo Lanuza, medical chief at Huesca. Getafe player Samu Saiz went to declare to a police station because he was on the papers of the investigation because he played for Huesca last season.


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