Juventus clear path for Real Madrid to make Pogba move

Juventus clear path for Real Madrid to make Pogba move


Juventus and Real Madrid will meet to negotiate soon, according to Spanish newspaper Marca. Paul Pogba’s future is at stake and when he renewed with Italian champion in 2014, they agreed when the player decided a change of scenery, both clubs would sit down to negotiate and seek a price that suited the market, in order to facilitate the departure of French midfielder. Pogba trust the word gave Juventus’ executives.

The French international man has has showed an enough loyalty to the Turin club in the last two seasons, rejecting higher economic proposals which offered Juve. The sports project and respect to an entity that has given everything to Pogba, has been the key to the continuity of French in recent years.

The Bleu international quiet at EURO2016 despite the gestures of the other day, misconstrued according to the people who knows him. He knows that if any of the deals that handles his agent seduces him, Juve will negotiate and will give the OK his departure as they did in his day with Zidane. They will mark a price and if any team (including Real Madrid) wants his move, will have to reach that figure, which almost certainly will make him the most expensive transfer in football history.

Juve waits patiently for the Pogba’s movements. The contract does not end until June 30, 2019, but they know that at any time Pogba can call in which urge the leaders to negotiate. They are aware that time may come and that’s why they are working to rebuild the team structure with signings like Pjanic.

Mark the price for which the Turin team will give the OK is more complicated because it depends more on the best project fits into the way of Pogba. It will not be a matter of the highest bidder and Juve knows it. Pogba arrived at zero cost and any transfer will benefit, but they are also aware that it will not be an auction. The French midfielder would’nt admit it.

Pogba will have to decide the project that most seduces. And not only Real Madrid is among the candidates. The best key targets to attract juventino is Zinedine Zidane. But other clubs have also moved. One of them is Manchester United, where the little confidence that Ferguson gave him is still an issue for him. Red Devils take their mistake and would be trying to convince the player for a second adventure at Old Trafford.

In addition, Mourinho is insisting to recover the midfielder, who now focuses exclusively on the EURO2016. In fact, the player has chosen not to feed rumors about his future in the various interviews he has given during concentration, but it seems that his decision has already been taken.