Xavi says Cristiano Ronaldo is not intelligent

Xavi says Cristiano Ronaldo is not intelligent

Xavi Hernandez
Xavi Hernandez - STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images

Former Barcelona captain Xavi Hernandez has suggested Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is not intelligent.

The 36-year-old, who currently plays for Qatari side Al-Sadd, was asked to compare Ronaldo and Leo Messi in a recent interview with The New Arab. The midfielder was very clear about it: “Messi is the best player in the world.”

“In football, there are two important elements: fitness and intelligence. Ronaldo is very fit but Messi has both the fitness as well as the intelligence, so simply put he is better,” Xavi said, suggesting the Portuguese lacks intelligence.

Asked about the differences between the two players, Xavi added: “Ronaldo is a goalscorer, and Messi is also a goalscorer; however, Messi is a much better team player than Ronaldo.”

Xavi spoke to the Arab website ahead of the Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Asked about the best players he faced in these derbies, the Spaniard said: “I’ve played against many great players, but those I cannot forget are Ronaldo Nazario, Luis Figo, Raul, Fernando Hierro, Roberto Carlos and Zidane. And in the recent years, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil. But overall, I would said the best were Zidane and Ronaldo the Brazilian.”


  1. Xavi is an old fool coz d fact daf Ronaldo is part of his team mates does nof mean he shuld alwayz castigate his personality…..dafs sumhow ridiculous. Cnf he leave him alone & respect himself in all wayz or is d hatred daf much wen d person in question cares nof abf all d trash he’s bin saying concerning him…..meaning he shuldnf puf a stop 2 it. How can u tell a fellow man lyk u daf he his nof intelligent. Too bad of him aswell coz its obvious he is also an old fool.

  2. Comment:xavi is pretty stupid and foolish, so his shortness has entered his fucking head, he is intelligent he has not won world best for just once, he is a vigilantes shearin (oracle) old full like him.

  3. It would have been better to say both are goal scorers and intelligent as well but Messi is the better team player.Well,we shouldn’t expect anything less than a bias opinon from a Barcelona icon.

  4. I really don’t believe this statement of xavi deserve the publicity. It not a suprise, Barcelona wins trophies yet still they fear The Mighty R.Madrid to the core. Hala Madrid

  5. oohhhh xavi y??? for many years u r just there to help messi with assist for him to score goals, in few years no one wil rmber you, But Ronaldo d highest goal scorer in realmadrid history…3 times world best player….leading goal scorer in europe will always nd forever b remember. i dnt rili like u xavi …òoops sorry

  6. Comment:xavi if the tell me say na you talk this kin thing i no go belive, well shall you was a barcelona player world best you didn’t carry even once and you are here castigeting the best and most complete player in the world {CR7} the spanish top scorer every season, uefa current top scorer, abeg i get one question were messi dae when this the happen, cr7 wai don get 3 different coaches from different teams still yet the play normal. Messi still dae for one team una the hell the guy like say God no dae make em go EPL play make i see… Rubish xavi you must carry time oo no be say you play barcelona… Cr7 you are the best in the world…

    • Stanley or what do you call yourself? have you forgotten that xavis comment was translated? Media could decide to put their english that way… but truly Messi is better than ronaldo bcos ronaldo is selfish on the ball with less assist.

  7. Comment:xavi you must be joking because i have not seen were messi is greater than ronaldo, if they start to compare cr7 will beat messi hands down he didn’t even has a nick name
    ronaldo{cr7} is the most complete player in the world cr7 has played three different teams and have three different coaches ronaldo is the spanish all time scorer and even the current uefa top scorer. The player who have put records that messi can clamb even you xavi, ronaldo has won so many things in Epl and same thing in la liga world best in Epl world best in la liga have messi ever carried up a premier league, fa cup, carring cup, best player in Epl, world best in Epl……. etc so xavi take ur time

  8. Comment:i respected this man a lot xavi and iniesta because they are the players who always disturb in the midfield but today xavi is talking like this.its one word ENVY

  9. Comment:there is nothing hatred cannot do so i would never be surprise of such unintelligent comment from xavi he should try and cogitate whenever he wants to talk hala cr7 continue your wonderful job

  10. Comment: xavi you suck like shit!!!! both players were at 2different finals for der country..messi missed a penalty and lost , but ronaldo won d game for portugal from d touch lines.. Like it or hate it” :: ronaldo is d better player and will even make a beta couch than messi.

  11. y re u all rumbling… evryone has right to his or herr own opinion. das his opinion.ronaldo is world best.highest gscorer. messi also is world best and goal scorer. i wold support xavi by saying messi is a team playr dan rnaldo. nt d selfish ronaldo who nts to av all praises nd glory for himself nd nt d team sake.

  12. Xavi, u as a big professional matured player u should not be saying such things against Ronaldo coz it doesn’t make any sense to me. When Ronaldo goes to d media now and say such ash words against you and u will have to say it is disrespectful when u are d one who first started it. Look here Xavi, i respect u a lot when it comes to football u should be d matured player to set brighter examples between these two boys(Ronaldo & Messi) but not to bring conflict between them.