Zidane can Equalize the Record of Guardiola in La Liga

Zidane can Equalize the Record of Guardiola in La Liga


Since the arrival last year of Zinedine Zidane to Real Madrid, Los Blancos have improved in all aspects. If Real Madrid wins against Espanyol, the French manager can equalize a record that Guardiola had in Barcelona winning 16 games in a row in the season 2010-2011.

This record is a very difficult challenge because we are talking about the best league in the world and with the most competitive teams at European level. Zidane and Guardiola have many things in common. Both triumphed first as players, Zidane showed his best quality in Juventus and Madrid while Guardiola passed almost all his life being in the midfield of Camp Nou. When the career of these players finished, both decided to be coaches.The french manager started coaching in the lower categories of Real Madrid and Guardiola did the same, but in Barcelona. Both ended being the coaches of these two teams and they have won significant titles being trainers without too much experience.

However, Zinedine Zidane has needed less time than Guardiola to reach this victories in a row. Guardiola started the record in his third season as the manager of Barcelona, winning against Valencia on October of 2010. Zidane only needed nine games to start his personal streak, winning against Levante on May of this year.

Before Guardiola and Zidane started their streaks,both were with doubts because of the expected results. Guardiola only could tie against Mallorca in the Camp Nou and Zidane
lost his game against Atlético of Madrid 204 days ago.

Since that defeat against Atlético de Madrid, Los Blancos have been a very solid team. They have 15 victories in a row with an average of 3.2 goals scored per match and they only received 0.8 goals per match.

Lets see if Los Blancos can equalize the record that Guardiola has in La Liga. Los Blancos must work very hard if they want to win the match against Espanyol because the injuries of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale could be very important.