Zidane: “Cristiano is the Best of the World. He’s Always There”

Zidane: “Cristiano is the Best of the World. He’s Always There”


Zinedine Zidane was pleased after the first victory of the season in the Champions League against APOEL (3-0). Cristiano Ronaldo was the key man, scoring the first two goals and leading the team. The manager wanted to highlight his performance and he defended Gareth Bale, who didn’t shine again although he had some good minutes when he played on the left side.

Zizou wanted to highlight the good minutes of Cristiano Ronaldo: “He is the best of the world. He’s always there, scoring goals. If today he had been well, he’d score four goals. We know how is Cristiano. We are happy with the second half and the clean sheet”.

However, the manager wasn’t happy about the first half: “I don’t know what happened. We didn’t start very well, especially with the speed with the ball. We make the difference there. We always put speed with the ball and the movements. Sometimes we suffer in defense, but with the ball we weren’t playing well. In the second half we were better, we other pace, and we had a good end”, the coach analyzed.

The coach also had some good words for the rival: “We are happy. There aren’t quite games. APOEL have players with experience and they are not impressed by Bernabéy, they come to play. If you are not focused, they can harm you”.

Zidane didn’t see many difference from the game against Levante: “The only thing that changed is that we’ve won. It was important. We cannot be happy with the first half, but we were much better in the second half. It’s important to start the Champions League winning and keeping a clean sheet”.

Finally, the coach analyzed Bale’s performance: “I don’t think that the people come here to whistle Bale whatever happens. Bale can play in the left or in any position in the attacking line. Today we started with Bale and Cristiano on the front and Isco behind. Little by little, we can see Bale, because after a four month injury you need some time to recover completely. I think we are going to see Gareth improving. I’m happy with his performance. Today he gave an assist. We have to give him some time”.


  1. ronaldo scores a tap-in from 3 yards out that my granny could have scores with her walking stick,and then zidane says he is THE BEST IN THE WORLD. it would seem that zidane needs to change his view of what makes a great player.it ISNT someone who scores a tap-in from 3 yards out,its a player who can take on a whole defense on his own and leave the keeper on his arse(messi did this against juventus on tuesday night twice.then again,messi doesnt play for real madrid so recognising him as the better player is not an option,is it?