Zidane: Cristiano Ronaldo is a Leader Inside and Outside the Pitch

Zidane: Cristiano Ronaldo is a Leader Inside and Outside the Pitch


Zinedine Zidane spoke in press conference before facing Granada in La Liga at Santiago Bernabéu stadium on Saturday morning. The Real Madrid manager was asked several times about Piqué’s word, who complained yesterday about the referees after the defeat against Athletic Club in Copa del Rey.

“I don’t look or want to speak about this debate
. We’re thinking in tomorrow’s game and that’s it. About the referees, I’m not going to comment, it’s very difficult their task [..]. It’s complicated. I want to highlight their difficult job. I don’t speak about them. It’s the third question about it, and I’m not going to speak”, Zidane said avoiding any controversy with the Barcelona defender.

Apart from the referees, the manager was asked about Cristiano Ronaldo, who didn’t play against Sevilla: “We spoke about it, and the only thing you have to think is that he is a very intelligent player. My idea is having Cristiano Ronaldo fit the whole season. If we have 20 games in 70 days he needs to rest from time to time. I see it in that way, so does he. He always wants to play but speaking about it you get things. We want to win eveything we have ahead”.

Zinedine Zidane also highlighted his personality: “He is a leader inside and outside the pitch. He always says a word to every player. He’s absolutely focused when he’s not playing. He know is important and he has a huge energy who transmit it to the others. It’s very important for the group, he’s a leader”.

Another important topic was James Rodríguez. The Colombian shone against Sevilla and he might play again on Saturday: “I saw him in other occasion fine. He scored two goals, especially the first one was important. I’m happy for his goals and his job. I know your concern about James. He’s important but everybody is important”.