Zinedine Zidane predicts success for son Luca

Zinedine Zidane predicts success for son Luca


Real Madrid assistant manager has said his son Luca has what it takes to become a top goalkeeper.

The Los Blancos legend’s son is currently playing for the Madrid youth teams and has impressed his coaches, and his famous dad, with some impressive displays.

And speaking to Le Buteur, Zidane senior said Luca has plenty of ability and is  a hard worker – the perfect combination that could see him rise to the top of the game.

“He’s a hard worker and he’s got everything to be a success in football,” he stated.

Famous for scoring two goals in the World Cup final for France against Brazil in 1998, and his sensational goal for Madrid in the 2002 Champions League final, Zidane is recognized as one of the finest attacking players to have ever played the game.

And in the interview, he explained why Luca has ended up playing in goal, rather than follow in his father’s footsteps.

“When he got home to play with [older brother] Enzo, Luca would go in goal. The eldest always chooses, so Luca went in goal. And one day he said to me that he liked it, and that he wanted to be a keeper.  When someone has quality they can be successful, but we’ll have to wait because he’s only 16,” he revealed.