21 players who switch from Atlético Madrid to Real Madrid

21 players who switch from Atlético Madrid to Real Madrid


On Wednesday, Real Madrid announced Theo Hernández’s signing from Atlético Madrid. Although the French player never made his debut with the city rivals, we can consider that Theo switch from Atlético to Real after the season on loan at Alavés. Now we want to remind you the other footballers who made this difficult change.

The first thing we should say is that Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid keep now a really good relationship. Enrique Cerezo and Florentino Pérez meet often and they had a truce, so no club could steal a player to their rival. For this reason, it was very complicated some deals like the one with Courtois or Sergio Agüero.

There are 21 footballers who changed the side in the Spanish capital. The last one was Santiago Hernán Solari, who played in Atlético from 1998 and 2000 and then he played 5 seasons for Real Madrid, winning 7 titles. We all remember Zinedine Zidane’s volley in the Champions League final in 2002. Solari starts the play with a good pass to Roberto Carlos, who gave the assist to the French star.

Perhaps, the most famous player who change the team was Hugo Sánchez. The Mexican player is one of the best strikers in Real Madrid history and he played at Atlético from 1981 to 1985. In 1986, he joined Real Madrid, where he stayed until 1992.

In this list we can also highlight Paco Llorente, Marcos Llorente’s father. He arrived at Bernabéu Stadium in 1987, after playing two seasons for Atlético Madrid. He always confessed to be Real Madrid supporters, so he ended up where he wanted.

Raúl González Blanco is not included in the list but he also played with Atlético Madrid when he was a youngster. Perhaps, David de Gea is the next Atlético player who could move to the city rivals.

The full list of players is: Caruncho, Luis Belaunde, Francisco González, Triana, Cosme, Luis Olaso, Urcelay, Ochandiano, Eduardo Ordóñez, Losada, Ipiña, Luis Marín, Bracero, Pacheco, Luis Miranda, Luis Martín, Pérez Payá, Hugo Sánchez, Paco Llorente, Joaquín Parra, Santiago Hernán Solari and Theo Hernández.