5 Expert Betting Tips for New Players

5 Expert Betting Tips for New Players


Online betting can be generous and secure you huge profits or cruel and cause losses. It all depends on your strategy and choosing the right matches and outcomes. While you need a bit of luck, whether you win or lose a bet will depend on your information and tactics. Here are some betting tips from experienced players that you may want to try.


  • Information Is Power



While luck may serve you once or twice, you shouldn’t rely on it at all times. Instead, it is important to increase your chances of winning by gathering as much information as possible about a particular match. That includes analyzing the current form of teams, and their head to head history, as well as special motivation (or lack of it). Each factor can get you one step closer to making the right bet.


    1. Favorites Can Lose, Too


Checking out the odds will give you some basic info on who is a favorite in a particular match. However, the crucial thing to keep in mind is that favorites can lose, too, and that is where the beauty of sports lies.

Before placing a bet, analyze why the favorite might lose (or draw). Are they in a poor recent form? Do they seem tired because they played four matches over the last two weeks? Is an important goal scorer missing from the squad? All these are good reasons for the outcome of the match to be surprising, which can bring you a big win.


    1. You Want to Pick as Few Matches as Possible


The basic math suggests that it is much easier to predict a single match than ten of them correctly. The previous sentence often slips from the mind of players as they are tempted with big wins. Remember, it is better to be patient and make money from single bets. You might think that online betting brings millions, but the dream of getting rich overnight only turns real for one in a million players. The rest of us need to be patient and play smart to boost our funds.


    1. Play on the Move


You can’t afford to miss an excellent betting opportunity only because you do not have a PC nearby. Fortunately, the majority of bookmakers now offer the chance to place bets on the go. You do that by downloading your desired bookie’s app and installing it on your phone.

The great news is that many bookmakers have software for different operating systems. For example, you can download the 1xbet mobile app for iOS, which is easy to install and will work flawlessly on both your iPhone and iPad.


    1. Take Advantage of In-Play Betting


The latest trend in the betting industry is in-play wagering, which allows you to place a bet even after the match starts. It may be smart to see how the event unfolds in the first several minutes, and then choose which wager to place. If the favorite concedes in the first part of the match, you may have a chance to earn big if you play that they will win in the end.