Achraf Hakimi, the First Moroccan Player in the History of Real Madrid

Achraf Hakimi, the First Moroccan Player in the History of Real Madrid


Achraf Hakimi made history yesterday with Real Madrid. He became the first Moroccan footballer to play with Los Blancos an official game in La Liga. Before, they played two Spanish footballers born in the African country: Heliodoro Castaño (1955-58) and José Luis Peinado, Pepegoles (1964-76).

Danilo’s departure opened the possibility for Achraf Hakimi to participate in the squad. Dani Carvajal got injured after playing all the games in the start of the season and he needed to have some rest. Actually, he’s not even going with the Spanish national team. Nacho, the other player who could play as a right back, had to play on the left because Theo and Marcelo were injured. So the only option Zidane had was Achraf. And he played a great game.

Achraf didn’t suffer and he defended his right side successfully. Although he’s usually very offensive, this time he tried to defend more. However, we could see a great dribbling in the 13th minute but he’s cross wasn’t perfect. He was the third player with more balls stolen, only after Sergio Ramos and Casemiro.

“Achraf was so concentrated that we didn’t have the feeling that this was his first game. He did it great”, Zidane said in press conference after the game. “If Dani is not with us, Achraf is the second right back and he’s going to play”, the manager confessed.

Achraf was very happy after the game: “This is a day I will never forget”, he said. “I’m going step by step and I’ll give the best minutes”, the player announced after the game.

Achraf is a son of immigrants and he arrived to Getafe when he was very little. However, Achraf joined Real Madrid soon after and he’s been working with La Fábrica since he was very little. Now he has accomplished his dream to make the debut with Real Madrid but the path is very long.