Albiol turns attention to next season

Albiol turns attention to next season


Raul Albiol has called for the Real Madrid squad to redouble their efforts and win back some silverware next season.

The centre-back said the squad was hugely disappointed with crucial defeats over recent weeks, culminating in the 2-1 loss to Atletico de Madrid at the Bernabeu in the Copa del Rey final.

While Madrid still have two games left to play in La Liga this year, Albiol said attention must switch to next season and ensuring the fans are happy at the end of the campaign.

Speaking to the club’s official website, he stated: “We are team mates and we have to be united. We all wanted to win today’s match but it hasn’t turned out like that. We are just as united now. We knew that today’s was a match everyone wanted to win, the coach as well as the players, but we have lost and we are disappointed.”

He added that the lack of any major silverware in the Bernabeu trophy cabinet this year was a failure by the players.

“Finishing without any trophies is a failure for us because we are Madrid. We are not happy. Now we have to lift our heads and start thinking about the future,” he added.


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