Why Alexander Isak chose Borussia Dortmund instead of Real Madrid?

Why Alexander Isak chose Borussia Dortmund instead of Real Madrid?

Alexander Isak

Alexander Isak is one of the rising stars Borussia Dortmund have in their squad. Many teams wanted to sign him in the last winter transfer market, but finally the Swedish player chose the German side instead many important teams of La Liga and Premier League that wanted his services. Real Madrid was interested in the young striker and Florentino Pérez almost signed him but finally ‘The new Zlatan Ibrahimovic’, as he was called’ signed a new deal with Dortmund until 2022 for an amount of €9M. Isak confessed the reasons why he decided to sign with the German giants instead Real Madrid or the important European squads.

Isak did an interview at Germany and he explained why he chose Borussia Dortmund to grow as player: ” Many young players have triumphed here. It’s a very good team for the young talents because they give you the chance to grow as a player. Maybe in other important teams I would not have the opportunity to play the minutes I need to grow as a professional. I know Borussia is a good team to improve and in here there are many young players who think the same as me. I think it was a right decision”, Alexander Isak said about his signing with Borussia Dortmund.

The Swedish strike is 17 years old and he had been named as the new Ibrahimovic, due to the similarities when they play between him and Manchester United striker:” That’s what people say about me, but I’m not trying to be anyone else”, Isak affirmed about his similarities with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Swedish striker is 17 years old and he is nowadays one of the young rising stars with more projection in Europe. Now Los Blancos must wait a couple of years to sign him because he looks very happy in his new stage at Germany.


  1. Comment: Dats gud of him, i am a die heart Madridista n i think this young dude dubbed new Zlatan made the right decision, as a young player he shuld rather go for Durtmund n establish himself, am sure Madrid will come for him subsequently